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The first step you need to
design your ideal life.

By the Design Your Life course at Stanford

"Life has questions. They have answers... Learn
how to find a fulfilling career... Learn how to
better navigate life's big moment decisions and
kill your 'wicked problems dead."

The New York Times

"The prototype for a happy life...Burnett and
Evans show how to apply Stanford's famous design
principles to finding your place in the world,
as a recent graduate or mid-career."

NPR's Brian Lehrer

"Build a satisfying, meaningful life by
approaching the challenge the way a designer would.
Experimentation. Wayfinding. Prototyping.
Constant iteration. Everyone else will."

Daniel Pink, bestselling author of Drive

"This [is] the career app of the next decade
and . . . the go-to app that is used as a rite of
passage whenever someone is ready to create a
life they love."

David Kelley, Founder of IDEO

"An empowering app based on the popular class
of the same name at Stanford University. This
app will easily earn a place among career-finding

Publishers Weekly

checking boxes

Activity Log

Keep track of your energy, engagement and enjoyments levels while doing your daily activities.

taking notes

Weekly Reflection Log

Write about your week and what you learned, things that may have surprised you and trends in your life.



Figure out which activities bring you enjoyment, energy, and engagement.

note list

Filter your feed.

Filter the activities that feel meaningful to you, or quickly reference important days.